Peter Sweeney: Putting the “Student” in Student Athlete


Lydia W. '26

Peter Sweeney is a senior at OLSH, and is on the cross country team, bowling team, and track team. Peter prioritizes his faith over everything, which he says is a key in managing his life. He is involved in what seems like everything, from altar serving to playing the piano at Mass to WCHR. I sat down with Peter to get to know more about him. 


Q: What are all the activities you do at OLSH?

A: “I’m in campus ministry, cross country, track, altar serving, lectering, bowling, piano for church, Concert Choir, Student Ambassadors, WCHR, Interact Club, Character Alliance, Charger baseball team, Marian Group, Eucharistic Adorers, Chess Club, and a Chi Rho leader.” 

Q: What do you do outside of OLSH?

A: “ I’m in Boy Scouts, I altar serve at my parish, and I work at my moms food pantry whenever there are drives going on.”

Q: How long have you been doing each of these activities?

A: “I’ve been running since I was little, but really started getting into it around 3rd grade. I started bowling around 3 years ago.”

Q: Why/how did you get into running?

A: “It was a big sport at my grade school and I found I was alright at it. I started running road races when I was little and just kinda loved it from then.”

Q: How do you balance doing all of these activities?

A: “I always use prayer for help and guidance and I make sure to schedule everything.”

Q: What is the most challenging part of being in all of these activities?

A: “Keeping time for homework and putting in your all in everything you do.”

Q: What is your favorite activity and why?

A: “Piano, because I really enjoy being able to leave what I’m thinking about behind and just express myself on the keyboard.”

Q: What college are you going to? Do you plan on doing any of these activities in college?

A: “Most likely Penn State, which I was just accepted into. I plan on doing most of the activities I currently do in college, but mostly campus ministry, piano,  and running.”

Q: What does your typical day look like? 

A: “I get to school, then either go to WCHR or the chapel, go to all my classes, go to practice, sometimes I have Boy Scouts or play piano, and normally work on my Eagle Scout project.” 

Q: What’s the hardest class to keep up with?

A: “Probably AP Gov.”

Q: What is the most rewarding activity you do?

A: “Eucharist Adorers is definitely the most rewarding because I get to praise the Lord and be in the true presence of Jesus.”

Q: What/who motivates you?

A: “The Lord.”

Q: What career path are you interested in?

A: “I would like to do something with agriculture, but I’m not entirely sure yet.”

Q:What advice do you have for underclassmen trying to balance sports, school, and activities?

A: “You aren’t gonna be able to do it without a strong prayer life and without the Lord; there’s nothing you can’t take to the Lord that He won’t listen to.”

Q: What goals are you working towards?

A: “I’m working towards a stronger prayer life, becoming an Eagle Scout, and trying to learn a few different piano pieces.”


Congratulations to Peter as he finished his senior year at OLSH! Best of luck at Penn State, Peter!