USFL: What to Know?

Aiden V. '23

It was over 35 years ago since the USFL last became an up and running professional league. It is back, and here is what you need to know.

USFL–the United States Football League–first debuted in 1983, but was shut down just 3 months after a lawsuit from the NFL. With 8 teams in 2022, the USFL is looking to become a second successful professional football league, right next to the NFL. 

When asked about how the USFL from the 1980s compares to how the new 2022 USFL looks, OLSH parent and football fan Scott Vargo says, “I’m glad they are bringing it back, it didn’t last long but more sports can’t hurt. I’m also happy they stuck with a lot of the old team names and logos like the Pittsburgh Maulers.”

It is no secret that the NFL is the dominant football league in the world. USFL will likely have a tall task in order to rival their competition. Nowadays the NFL generates upwards of 10 billion dollars in revenue for one season.

Matthew Price, a sophomore at OLSH and avid NFL follower, was asked questions regarding if the USFL had any chance at all of being competitive with the dominant force that is the NFL. “I think if they get more people around the country that would play, it would enhance the sport. If they can get some sponsorships from big-name brands and publicize it, the league can grow.”

According to the Washington Post, the average salary for an NFL player is a bare minimum of $200,000. On the contrary, the average salary for a USFL player is around $45,000. The huge difference in pay will likely keep the best players out of the USFL looking for more money in the NFL.

The USFL will be at a major disadvantage in terms of money and publicity. Looking to rival the NFL will not be an easy task, but people seemed to be intrigued and willing to see where the league goes. The USFL inaugural kickoff to the season is April 16, 2022 feel free to tune in!