Challenging the Faith with Mr. Montgomery

In every one of our lives, we face moments when we must challenge what we know as true in order to move on and prosper. Challenging what we are taught, challenging what direction we should be headed in, or challenging the religion we have been raised on can help to bring clarity to our lives. These trials and tribulations usually lead us to a better mental state in the long term, be it through finding the answers we need to accept what we have been told is true, or finding new beliefs that suit our moral condition more accurately.

To bring this theme of intellectual and moral testing to our newspaper, I will be beginning a new bi-monthly column called “Challenging the Faith with Mr. Montgomery”. Each column will consist of two contrasting statements, one written by him and one by myself, that each defend a different viewpoint of current World Issues. Our combined hope is that these columns will provide both the Catholic world view, and thought provoking but not always religiously affiliated opinions  simultaneously.

Mr. Montgomery, or more commonly known at OLSH as Mr. Monty, is our school’s sophomore religion teacher and campus minister. Since his arrival at OLSH this fall, he has made many waves amongst the student community with his accepting “open door” type policies and exciting new opportunities for us to get involved with our faith. When asked to participate in this new outreach opportunity, he responded with strong enthusiasm, and provided his first message in the series:

Catholics believe that God created us with brains for a purpose: to use them to come to know, love, and serve Him. And if we believe we are able to know him, then that means we are able to overcome logical arguments against His existence, and to propose logical answers to challenges against the Catholic faith. Diving into personal difficulties with the faith is scriptural, as we see Job do after his vast misfortunes, and as we see Jacob do when he wrestles with God. It is right and proper to ask questions of and about God when a genuine search for truth is at the heart of the questioning, because we believe that an authentic search for truth inevitably leads the searcher to God.

In order for us to begin this faith journey together as a school, Mr. Montgomery and I need you to help us by providing the questions and concerns you hold with the Catholic faith and its teachings. We will choose appropriate submissions to respond to, and while your statement will be shared in the column, we will do so anonymously.

In order to assist us in this new and exciting expedition, please email all topic matter to me, Kathryn Dickey, at

Challenging the Faith with Mr. Montgomery