Meet Miss Madler

Evie Hoff, 2017, Staff

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A new teacher at OLSH this year, Miss. Madler teaches Algebra 1, Pre-Calc and Honors Pre-Calc. However, even though she is new to OLSH, she is certainly not new to teaching. She was an adjunct professor last year at Duquesne University, where she taught research and info skills, and Intro to Technology 1 and 2. She’s also had experience teaching middle school at Fox Chapel. But what made her want to become a teacher? “I think I’ve always enjoyed being a student.” she said. “I’ve always loved school and never wanted to leave school, so it had something to do with that. Also, all of my teachers have always influenced me in a positive way. I thought that was really cool and I actually remember all of my teachers- I haven’t forgotten any of them. I had really close relationships with some of my teachers in my high school, and that kind of helped me realize that this was something I wanted to do.” She also knew that she wanted to teach something in math or science, because after graduating from high school, she got her undergrad in secondary mathematics and her master’s in instructional technology. But how does she like OLSH so far? “I really like it!” she says. “I know that’s what I’m supposed to say but I really do. I like how small the class sizes are and how I’m able to connect with the students even if I don’t have class with them.” Teaching here hasn’t been completely easy, however. It’s had its fair share of challenges. When asked what the hardest part of teaching was, Miss Madler said “So far it would be tracking down students who miss school. It’s hard for me to keep track of everyone’s schedule, so that’s probably been the most challenging part of it so far. But, other than that, it’s good.” But she tries to fix this problem as best as she can. “I try to post a lot of stuff on my blog so that students who are absent can go on and see what they’ve missed. I’ve tried to have them email me ahead of time so I can have things ready for them. I also try to come early in the morning and am usually here for an hour after school in case students need any help from me.” “She’s a really helpful teacher.” says Ariana Harr, a senior who is in her Pre-Calc class. “I’ve been able to stay after school a couple of times and ask her questions when I’m confused on anything.” What does she do outside of school? She has many different hobbies. “I just taught myself how to knit over Christmas. I love to do yoga- hot yoga is my favorite. I like to cook but I’m more of a baker. I also love technology so I like to make videos and stuff like that.” She loves reading. “My favorite book is The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It’s a two part series about organization and I love organization. It talks about how you fold your clothes and stuff like that. The essence of the book is ‘Does this cause joy?’ You’re always supposed to keep things in your life that spark joy and get rid of the things that don’t make you feel good, and I just really like that book.” She also loves movies, and calls herself a movie buff. “I love comedies. One of my all time favorite movies is How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the Jim Carrey version) I also really like action and superhero movies, so I like The Avengers- it’s always a good one. I’m not really into romantic movies.” Finally, what is her favorite thing about teaching? “When I get to see a student who is struggling a little bit finally get it and you get to see that lightbulb moment. I’ve had that experience as a student when you don’t understand something and then you do so you feel like you can do anything. I get to see that from the perspective of a teacher, and even though I enjoyed having that moment as a student, it’s more satisfying from the teacher’s perspective.”