Holiday Fair Trade Sale


Brody Connor, 2017, Staff

From December 12th through the 21st, OLSH hosted a CRS Fair Trade Holiday Sale in the Hall of Social Justice. The event was open throughout the entire school day so students and faculty members could shop in their free time or whenever it was most convenient. For those who might be unaware of what the Fair Trade movement is all about, here is a brief rundown. In dozens of third world countries all over the planet, there are artisans and small scale manufacturers who are essentially not part of the world economy. Prior to the advent of Fair Trade Organization, these people only had the market of those who were in their direct vicinity. What Fair Trade does is act as a sort of retail liaison for these small time manufacturers. Their products are bought and shipped globally, where they are sold to consumers all over the world. Unlike buying typical manufactured products, which help large greedy companies drown out smaller ones, Fair Trade purchases help the less fortunate make a better living. So, when the Fair Trade Holiday Sale returns next year, which I expect that it will, stop by and shop a little differently. Maybe you’ll feel a stronger sense of giving that is the very essence of the season.