Top Ten Cars to Buy

Mikayla M.

As student drivers, we don’t often have a lot of choice when it comes to a set of wheels. Most are lucky if they have their own car to gallivant around town in. I myself am quite pleased with my 1997 Chevy Silverado with an extended cab. My family is in the car business, so it was a lucky break for me to get a truck that I really wanted. Others are not quite so lucky. When parents decide to buy a new car, they tend to give the old, used and usually unwanted to the younger generation. There is the school of thought that teens will wreck, smash, bend, dent and/or ruin the car we are given at any opportunity in the beginning of our driving career. It’s best if we don’t have the more valuable car if and when we decide to forgo our intellects and crash headfirst into a lamppost.

The lucky ones get to choose their cars at the dealerships with the greasy salesmen and drive away from the lot. This year according to Yahoo!, several American-made vehicles have made headlines as the top ten in America. These are noted as the best to buy, but not necessarily the best buy.

The top choice was the all-American Tesla Model S.  It’s an all-electric car with the ability to be updated by over-the-air software and with new hardware. It seats seven and has all-wheel drive with advanced safety features.

The next choice car was a compact car, with the Ford Focus in the top ranks, even while being an unreliable ride. Midsized sedans made the list because of the quiet way they ride. Ford has proven reliability in this case while Chrysler has sunk to the bottom of the list.

The most popular large sedan has proven to be the Chevy Impala, which comes as a big surprise for those acquainted with the history of the Impala. The best luxury car is a personal favorite of mine, the Cadillac CTS. It has beat Audi, BMW, and Mercedes in handling and has an opulent interior. The only complaint is over the rather touchy “infotainment” system.

Last up is the most “green” car, which proves to be the most innovative category yet. This year, the Prius has had to hand over the crown of the best green car to the Chevy Volt. In this car you can get up to 35 miles using only electricity, making it awesome for those with shorter commutes.

Whether you have the hand-me-down from your parents’ heydays while they get the shiny new set of wheels or are lucky enough to have a brand new set yourself, there are some great cars on today’s market.