Cinderella Movie Facts

Mikayla M.

The Disney classic has been in our homes since it’s inception, telling us our prince will come and inspiring a love of shoes. It inspired us to wish with our heart and maybe it will come true. This fairy tale is now being retold in a new way.

Disney has recently been retelling its classic tales from new points of view. The story of Sleeping Beauty was told from the point of Maleficent, making the story like nothing we could have imagined. In the global debut of Maleficent, it had a global gross of $758.4 million, while domestically it gained $68.4 million, which was staggering to the creators of the twisted fairy tale. The re-imagined Cinderella has $70.1 million gross domestically, beating Maleficent heartily.

These numbers are puzzling to some, as Maleficent was played by the very well-known Angelina Jolie, while Lily James (Cinderella) is only know through the PBS show Downton Abbey. It is not shown in 3-D either, as Maleficent was.

Cinderella has yet to open in several markets, so the final tally of its gross income is left unknown.

The people going to see the several-times-over re-imagined classic of Cinderella include a healthy portion of females, which make up 77% of the moviegoers. 56% of those packed into folding seats were under 25 years old. Those under 18 years old made 44% of the audience.

The tale of an over-worked and under-appreciated girl with evil step-relatives been taken from the Brothers Grimm tale (which was not ok for the little ones) to the Disney cartoon that became every little girls dream. Now Disney has brought it out again, dusted it off and added more layers of plot and more character depth than we know what to do with.