Apple to Release New Emojis


Sara O.

Ever since the the emoji was made popular in 2010, Apple has gotten complaints that the emoji characters were not diverse enough. This lack of diversity in the emojis was shocking for something this day and age and many customers were outraged by it. However, Apple has just announced that they are coming out with updated emojis. They have created these in hopes to please all of the people offended and plan on releasing several brand new emojis as well as the improved ones.

Emojis have been used since around 2010 when they were made popular even though they were first introduced in 1999. They have added a creative element to text messaging in society by offering hundreds of images. This will be the first time new emojis are being released since the original set. However, people have been asking for new characters since they were popularized.

The new and much anticipated emojis will include several new skin tones to represent almost every ethnicity. This long time coming feature is set to release with the IOS 8.3 update in July 2015. There is not much word on the other new 300 emojis and features this update will include but this announcement sounds very promising for anyone who owns an iPhone.

Emojis have gotten a very popular reaction from iPhone users and it is great to see this fun feature being perfected.