Aquaman Movie


Sara O.

This past year, DC comics announced that they were going to cast someone to play their infamous character, Aquaman, and that he would appear in 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He will soon after appear in a Justice League movie, as well as receive his own film set to release in 2018. This information was pushed aside from the media until recently when the first picture of Jason Momoa as Aquaman was released.

The picture reveals a totally different Aquaman than the one people have forever known and made fun of. Aquaman is given no respect as a superhero and is very often the butt of jokes because of his fishy powers. Director Zach Synder of  Batman v Superman released this picture in hopes to change the way everyone sees Aquaman. With the production of this film, it is bound to stir up some controversy. Some (of the few) fans of Aquaman are upset that he is given a dark look that is extremely different from the traditional one. However, in order for Aquaman to get some respect they needed to give him a makeover and in this picture it looks like they did a great job. By portraying him as much darker and dangerous it insures that nobody will want to make fun of this Aquaman.

The Superman v Batman movie is scheduled to release March 2016 and a Justice League film is set to release May 2017.  The Aquaman movie is set to come to theaters July 27, 2018. Though they have yet to find a director for the movie, it is safe to say you will not want to miss this new and improved super hero.

Aquaman Fun Fact: Though Aquaman’s most popular power is the ability to communicate telepathically with marine life he posses many more (cooler) powers as well. Some of these include superhuman strength, bulletproof skin, seeing in the dark, and a cybernetic hand that lets him shoot jets of water from his hand, open portals to different dimensions, and dehydrate anyone with one touch killing them instantly. Still lame?