The Selfie – It’s Banned

Mikayla M.

Do we love them? Or do we hate them? Some people take selfies constantly. They post them to every media available and in the process, annoy those looking at their pictures. Others hate taking pictures of themselves, and some just don’t bother with the media mainstream. Many just take them for commemoration. People have been taking more risks in order to gain a perfect picture that will result in all of your friends being awed by your bravery or jealous of your opportunities. One of the newest trends is taking selfies with tigers. Seriously, who doesn’t want to take pictures with a tiger?

Taking a selfie with a wild animal seems really awesome, but they are dangerous. People have been taking serious risks while taking selfies. A woman in Spain was standing on a bridge waiting for the picture perfect moment to take when she fell to her death in November. A couple in Portugal fell while taking a picture on the cliffs of Cabo da Raca in August.

These preventable accidents are one of the reasons certain cities are banning the social trend. In general, selfies have soured in the older generation. Selfies seem like bragging. “You’re at work and I’m in France. Here, have a picture.”  At the beach of La Garoupe, there are “No braggy zones”, meaning there are policemen that will ask you to put your phone away when taking a selfie. They tell you to enjoy the scenery for yourself, not others.

Pamplona, Spain is another place with a selfie restriction. Last summer, a man took a selfie while running with the bulls. He was unhurt physically. He was, however, charged $4000 for the picture. There happens to be a law banning recording equipment while the running of the bulls is occurring. It is not the smartest idea to run from bulls and snap photos at the same time.

Other places with a ban or restriction on selfies are New York (specifically with animals), England, Iran, Mecca in Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. South Korea imposes a $30,000 fine while Mecca opposes because they are considered a religious distraction.