Resume Tips

College is meant to prepare us for the road ahead. We go to school to find the knowledge that will prepare us for the job most suited to us. A resume is the most common form used to show our qualifications and accomplishments. We state our goals hoping that the company or organization will give us jobs so that we can make money.  Many people don’t know how resumes work, or even how to start one.  So these tips should help you along the way to making a really good resume.

Studies show that a company will be biased more often than not. For example, if you state you are a republican on your resume, and the company you are applying to have a republican base you are more likely to get the job than a democrat, even if the democrat has better qualifications. If you don’t want to take the chance of not getting a job because of your political status, it’s better not to mention your political affiliation.

Mistakes on a resume are bad. Employers do not appreciate bad grammar and typos. You are presenting yourself on a piece of paper. It is necessary for you to be very professional on that piece of paper.  If you can’t write for your own benefit, how can you write for your employers?

One sure way to show you are unprepared for the workplace is to be unspecific. An unspecific answer will not get you attention from the hiring department. The more specific things are more noticeable. The generic is bland, which most employers do not want in an employee.

Employers like a resume made specifically for them, one that highlights the things that would make you an asset to their company. Don’t use the same resume for an office job as you would for a restaurant.

Another good tip is to make your resume visually pleasing. Don’t make it bland with all-same font and just lines of type. It is not the best idea to be over-creative either. If you paper is a rainbow of color and font, it might be hard to read, meaning it’s not worth the time to decipher.

Last of all always double-check your resume. If information is wrong, or if you have the wrong phone number, you could be ignoring callers from your future job.