The Band Marches On

Maria M.

You have heard them at every OLSH home football game supporting the Chargers and entertaining you with pep tunes.  This summer, the OLSH Pep Band not only learned new music for the upcoming year and football season, but they also expanded to a marching band.  The new marching band is in the beginning stages with the members just learning basic formation and the marching skill over the summer.  They kicked off the season with help from RMU’s marching band.  Not only did RMU add to the excitement during the first home game, they also provided guidance for OLSH’s first-time marchers. The band is excited to be moving on to become bigger and better than they were before.  With this support, the OLSH marching band was able to perform their first halftime show at the second home football game of the season.  They will not be stopping there, however. They will continue to improve and expand on their halftime routine, cheering on Chargers football.