Spring Musical Madness!


Nick E. ‘26

Musical Season is well underway! The cast of Big Fish is working diligently through long rehearsals and doing a great job!

After ending the Christmas play with a bang, Spring Musical rehearsals have finally started. The cast have been and will be practicing music, blocking, and choreography in the weeks leading up to opening night.

The cast is incredibly excited. I talked with some of our very talented actors about how they feel about the musical so far.

Leading man, Mario Williams, had a couple of things to say. He started off by saying that he thinks it has been really good so far. He stated that he feels like “We’ve gone with a harder schedule so I’ve felt more productive as an actor but also as a group.” He stated how much he loves working with Ms. Manuel, our theatre director,  who has been “such an important part of me growing up in highschool and she has given me a lot of confidence. Especially when it comes to my music.”

Cast Member Laurelle Cornelius, who plays the Witch,  had a few comments on this year’s production so far. She stated that the group has had immense success with learning our harmonies for the vocal parts. She thinks the Freshman are doing a great job and that the upperclassmen are “pulling the weight” also. Laurelle is excited about the costuming.

Theresa Kilburg, one of our talented dancers and ensemble members said that “theatre is the best way to make friends with upperclassmen.” She stated that rehearsals can be great bonding experiences for the cast. She stated that a lot of the cast, herself included, have met some of their best friends through theatre.

Sophie Feldhues, one of our extremely talented dancers, gave a statement as well. She stated that it’s going well so far. She is excited that we are almost done with the first full-company number. She agreed that music rehearsals have been sounding amazing. She wholeheartedly believes that the show will have an incredibly successful run in March.

Needless to say the cast is incredibly excited for the upcoming show. The hard work will definitely pay off in the end. The cast is very hopeful that this show could earn the department a Gene Kelly Award. Good luck and break a leg OLSH Theatre!