KDKA-TV Turkey Fund


Julia P. '26

This year OLSH helped raise $2,108 for the 41st KDKA-TV Turkey Fund.

What is the KDKA-TV Turkey Fund? The KDKA Turkey Fund provides Thanksgiving dinners to local families. According to CBS News, KDKA-TV Turkey Fund is in partnership with PNC Bank and Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. With the help of their partnerships and all the people who donated and raised money, KDKA-TV raised more than 800K for the 41st Turkey Fund. CBS News also says that in the past 40 years they have raised more than $20 million. 

The KDKA-TV Turkey Fund originally started as Julius’ Turkeys. It was started by the KDKA-TV News commentator Al Julius. Back in 1982 an KDKA-TV watcher, Ms. Love, sent Al $10 and asked him to use it to buy food for neighbors in need for the holidays.  

OLSH ended up raising $2,108 for the Turkey Fund. Abby Wertz, student government president, said to help raise money the student government made a deal with Mr. Plocinik. The deal was if the students raised $1,500 he would have to dress up in a turkey costume for the day. Because of the student government going on Pittsburgh Today Live and having students bring $5 to dress down in sweatpants they exceeded the original $1,500 they were looking to raise. Mr. Plocinik ended up wearing the turkey costume and students were taking pictures with him for $1 which also went towards the KDKA Turkey Fund. 

Your donations helped out many local families so thank you to everyone who donated to the KDKA-TV Turkey Fund.