Opinion: Why Hallmark Christmas Movies are Awful

As soon as December starts, so do the array of Hallmark Christmas movies, bringing Christmas joy and comfort to all who may watch. Or do they?

Contrary to popular opinion, Hallmark movies are some of the worst Christmas movies created. Hallmark movies are downright terrible because there is little diversity in the plots, they’re predictable and cheesy, and actors read directly from the script.

All Hallmark movies are the same. They all show similarities in their unoriginal titles with the exact same movie cover.  An example of this would be the Hallmark movies Let it Snow and The Christmas Card. The movie Let it Snow follows Stephanie ,who has never got to witness a magical Christmas, as she moves into Snow Valley Lodge and finds herself enjoying the Christmas holiday and cheer. The movie The Christmas Card tells the story of a soldier serving in Afghanistan receiving a Christmas card for this first time. Both of these movie covers are the exact same concepts of “Christmas firsts,” just with different characters.

Additionally, almost all movies have the word “Christmas” in them, emphasizing that it is a Christmas movie even though the covers almost always have a winter-inspired theme. It is problematic as it totally gets rid of the idea of the audience inferring what the movie may be about. A good example of this would be the movie A Crown for Christmas. From this title, you can basically figure out the whole plot of the story with it having to do with royalty and Christmas, which is overused in Hallmark Christmas movies.  More movies which have the royal Christmas theme would be Royal New Year, A Royal Christmas, A Royal Holiday and so much more. It takes away the element of surprise, which makes it hard to enjoy these movies as you can easily predict what will happen next. 

Hallmark Christmas movies are no longer interesting and or fun to watch as they include the exact same plot in every single movie. A good Christmas movie would be Charlie Brown Christmas and A Christmas Story. Both of these movies are entertaining and do not follow the basic Hallmark copy of the same movie. Both movies are equally enjoyable and entertaining as they allow for a fun and exciting plot.