The OLSH Teachers Continue Their Winning Streak Against the OLSH Students in the Student vs. Faculty Basketball Game


Members of the Fac/Staff team (1st row, L-R): Mr. Feher, Mrs. Sellman, Mr. Rodgers, Mr. Holup (2nd row, L-R): Mr. Carothers, Mr. Korzi, Mrs. Buettner, Mr. Malinowsky, Mr. McCarren

Nick E. ‘26

The teachers of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School have continued their long winning streak against OLSH’s students at the annual Student versus Faculty game.

After a boastful campaign the faculty secured the win at the Student/Faculty game on November 22nd. The game finished with a score of 42-39. It was a close game with the students leading the first quarter, but after the faculty won the second, the students had to play a game of catch-up, which in the end did not go in their favor.

I asked Mr Rodgers and Mr Feher how they would describe and they gave two very different answers. Mr  Rodgers described the game as: close, chaotic, poorly-refereed, and victorious. Mr Feher however described it as: physical, fun, tiring, and as the making of many OLSH memories.

The night was a hit. From 50/50 drawings to the shaving of Mr. Feher and Mr. Rodgers’ heads it was a blast for everyone. The concession stand was filled with a variety of options for everyone, generously made by volunteers and some faculty members.

The real winners of the night were the Juniors and Seniors of OLSH. The T-shirts, tickets for the event, 50/50, and shaving, and concessions were all for the benefit of the Junior/Senior Prom. The theme for the Prom is “Under the City Lights” and is sure to be a hit. The game was just one of the fundraisers for the Prom.

In the end everyone won a night of fun, laughs, and nail-biting scores. Congratulations to the teachers on another win!