Red Ribbon Week At OLSH

Julia P. '26

Tuesday October 25 to Monday October 31 was Red Ribbon Week at OLSH which was run by SADD.

As you may know SADD stands for students against destructive decisions, and that’s exactly the message they were trying to send through this week. SADD is spreading the message to make sure everyone knows about the dangers of these destructive decisions. That is why this week OLSH students and staff wore red ribbons to show support and encourage a drug-free America.

Red Ribbon Week is celebrated worldwide. So just like OLSH, many schools celebrate it. This week’s celebration all started because of the death of DEA agent Kiki Camarena in 1985, who was killed by drug traffickers.

Grace DiGiacomo, the president of SADD, along with Emma Ficorilli were in charge of organizing this week. She said that they decided it would be fun for the students involved in SADD to make candy bags during their activity period. The bags were filled with red candy to be given out on the last day of Red Ribbon Week. The color red is a symbol for Red Ribbon Week, so by using red candy, it helped spread awareness of pledging against destructive decisions.

“I think this year’s Red Ribbon Week was very successful in spreading SADD’s message. I feel like the activities during the week really helped spread awareness. There was so much participation among all of the grades, and that was something I found a lot of joy in.” Grace DiGiacomo said. 

Overall, this week was very well run and SADD definitely got their message across. Good Luck to SADD with any future projects they will have.