Justena Giles: Senior Softball Star


Senior Justena Giles takes the mound as pitcher

Natalie K. '23

Justina Giles 23’ is a softball player whose position mainly consists of playing pitcher. She has been playing softball for 10+ years, starting at the age of 8. I interviewed her and asked her some questions about her passion for softball.

Q: Why do you play softball?

A: “It teaches life lesson skills like time management and communication with you’re teammates”. Justina responded by explaining how softball has improved and strengthened important skills including managing time with school and practicing and communicating with your teammates on the softball field.


Q: Who are your biggest supporters?

A: “My family and my friends”. Justena’s family and friends have helped motivate and support Justena through the years she has played softball.


Q: What position(s) do you play on the field?

A: “I play mainly pitcher but I also am scene as a “Utility player” meaning I can play multiple positions on the field.


Q: What does softball mean to you?

A: “It is a game where you can be yourself and show off your skills”. She responded that Softball is a place to be yourself and most importantly, have fun. She joked around stating to NOT GET HIT BY A BALL!


Q: What has been your favorite moment while playing softball?

A: “Contributing to our team getting into the state play offs for the first time in school history for softball.”


Q: What do you think is the hardest thing about playing softball?

A: “The hardest part would probably be the mental and physical strain on the body” Justena described how mentally and physically straining softball can be. With dedication being a top thing, it’s hard to keep your motivation with all the practicing and mental stimulation involved with the sport.


Q: Do you plan on continuing to play softball in college?

A: “ Yes, I am thinking about playing for either Point Park or Carlow”.


Q: How do you feel about this season’s softball year?

A: “I feel that the team will do fairly well.” She stated that the team will work really hard and that they will have better motivation this year. “As I enter my fourth year of softball, my ultimate goal for the team is to make it to WPIAL softball finals and having another opportunity to make it to the PIAA playoffs.” Justena expressed her excitement for this upcoming softball season with a clear goal in mind.


Best of luck to the Lady Chargers Softball Team this season! For more information about OLSH Softball, check out their page at OLSHAthletics.org.