Chargers Football Staffing Update

Dion M. '22

The OLSH Chargers football team is welcoming a new coach for the 2022-2023 season.

As the previous coach Dan Bradley stepped down after last year’s season, there was a spot that needed to be filled.  Coach Donnie Militzer is the man filling that open spot. I got the chance to sit down and talk to returning  players on the football team to ask them how they’re feeling about getting a new coach. I also asked about the hiring process for a new coach from someone who helped.  

I got the chance to ask OLSH assistant principal and W.P.I.A.L. board member Mr. Shawn Holup some questions about the hiring process, which he was a part of through the final pick. I asked him what the hiring process was like and he said, “We interviewed nine people for the job. After interviewing all nine candidates, we narrowed it down to three finalists for the job. All three came in for a final interview. This process took place during the month of February. At the end of the final interviews, Coach Militzer was chosen as the new head coach at OLSH. Coach Mac and members of the OLSH administration were part of the interview process, including myself.”  

I also asked the big question of what made Coach Militzer the most fitting candidate. Mr. Holup responded,  “Coach Militzer is a very fitting candidate because he has been a successful high school football coach already at two other WPIAL schools. He is a very well respected coach who has also coached at the college level. Coach Militzer is also very familiar with working in a Catholic school because he is an elementary school Principal at a Catholic school. He also will have a very qualified coaching staff that will come with him to OLSH.”  

Coach Milizter has some early high praise from administration members in the hiring process. Now it’s time to see how the players feel.

The first player I talked to was returning junior quarterback Nehemiah Azeem. When asked if he thinks the season will be different from last year because of a new coach,  he responded, “Yes. I feel more energy will be brought out and we will have more freedom and it will help us play better overall.” 

I also talked to a returning starter, junior Ziggy McIntosh, and asked him how he felt about coach Dan Bradley leaving. He said, “I was a little upset and confused, but I’m happy for a new start with a new coach.”  

Junior Billy Fryer said, “After talking to him, I got a good vibe and feel inspired and ready to begin working for next season.”  

Everyone on the team seems to be ready for this new opportunity presented to the program. Sophomore Dereon Greer said, “This time it will end in a WPIAL championship!”  The energy is already feeling high with the players for next season. 

As a graduating senior and a four year football player, I’m excited to see the new start at OLSH.  I think that there will be a lot changes that will benefit the football team, as well as the whole program, for the upcoming years.  The players just have to stay focused, trust the process, and they will continue to get back to Heinz Field.