Will the MLB Lockout Ever See an End?

Lucas P. '23

The MLB Lockout began on December 2, 2021 and ever since then has been a streak of major stress and worry from baseball fans. 

Robert Manfred the Commissioner of the MLB has baseball fans in an uproar as they see him as a bad man and a bad fit for the job. Fans all over the world see him as the blame and cause for the recent lockout of all players. 

In the most recent update on the lockout which took place on Tuesday Mar 1, 2022Manfred told the world that he would be suspending the first two series of the season. What has fans in an uproar and spreading negativity about Manfred all over social media is because while he was announcing the suspension of more games he was laughing and joking around. 

Some MLB players even took part in the social media uproar to show how upset they are over the situation. Marcus Stroman, starting pitcher for the Chicago Cubs went to twitter to show Manfred what he had to say about him laughing. Stroman tweeted out after Manfred’s interview saying many things such as, “Manclown”, and “Manfred gotta go.” Stroman is one of many MLB players voicing their opinion on the situation through Social Media.  

Recently the MLB has made lots of rule changes to the game over the span of the lockout. Some of the rule changes were, bigger bases, a designated hitter is now permitted in the national league, and the shift has been banned. With all these changes it seems they are making progress, but there is no telling when the games will resume. 

When interviewing my dad about the recent lockout he had some things to say. I asked him, “Why does he think that the lockout is taking so long to end?” He said, “The people who are in the position to make a decision on the lockout aren’t agreeing because they want more money.” I completely agree with this and I think that they are more focused on making more money than they already have, rather than the integrity and importance of the game.

The latest update in the struggle of the lockout was released on March 8, 2022  which stated that a statement on the future is going to be made on Wednesday March 9, 2022. An MLB official said that they will be deciding whether or not to cancel more games. I really hope they give fans and most importantly the players what they want and need, which is baseball, one of America’s favorite sports.