Stephen Greer’s Passion for Music

Dion M. '22

Stephen Greer is a senior at OLSH and is starting a new chapter in his life. 

Stephen has participated on the football team during his time at OLSH, and loved playing football throughout his life.  But it was something outside of the classroom and off the field that he loved doing the most.  

I sat down with Stephen to discuss his main passion: music. 


Q: What made you begin rapping ?

A: I always wanted to rap before anything else. My passion for music started when I was a little kid. I always wanted the lifestyle of a musician and I like the idea of basically working for myself and expressing my artistic ability and everything else throughout the music.

Q: Who in the music industry were you influenced by?

A: I’m influenced by a large variety of artists, not even just musicians so I couldn’t even answer that with names or I would be going forever. 

Q: What made you think you can actually do it ?

A: I realized I could actually do it the first time I went to a studio and impressed everybody in the room.

Q: When did you make your first song ?

A: I made my first song in June 2021. 


I then talked to some of the classmates who have listened to his music.  Many of them referred to the first album that he dropped on February 25th.  For a new artist in the music industry the criticism can be tough at times, but Stephen’s reviews were mostly all good  from his peers.

Senior Kaylee F. says that she is not surprised by Stephen’s talent: “I thought that he did very well for being a young artist and somewhat inexperienced. But you can’t tell that he’s new to the industry.”

Senior Geno P. is also a fan, saying: “I love his music, I listen to his album he just dropped everyday before I come to school.”

It’s safe to say that Stephen has some great support at OLSH, and we cant wait to see how is career in the music industry unfolds.