Newest Album by the #5 Billboard Pop Singer The Weeknd

Julia M. '22

The newest album titled “Dawn FM”  from The Weeknd released on Friday January 7th, 2022. The album overall was very different from his other albums.

The Weeknd titled his new album signifying and representing Jim Carrey. They met and became friends over their love of telescopes. Carrey acts as the album’s “radio show host.”

Two very popular feature artists on this album are Lil Wayne and Tyler, the Creator. Lil Wayne is featured in an upbeat track called “I Heard You’re Married.” This song is one of my favorites and is very catchy. The lyrics are very easy to learn. In my opinion I do not necessarily like the features in this song. I think it changed the vibe of the song too much.

Tyler, the Creator is featured in a track called “Here We Go… Again.” The Weeknd does the usual in this song by singing in a pop style. Tyler comes in towards the end of the song and raps, which is his usual music style. I think this definitely added some interest in the song instead of repeating the lyrics over again. 

His voice in this album almost sounds effortless. Almost every song has a very slow sound. This album was also heavily influenced by 80s and R&B music, which is different from his past albums. The song “Take My Breath” is one of my personal favorites and is more upbeat and fast-paced than the other songs. The album almost talks about him reinventing himself and becoming a better person, this explains why he released the album in the New Year.

I asked my friend Victoria for her opinion on the album. She said she thought it was very good. She said the songs were easy to learn and very catchy. Overall I liked the album, but also thought a few things could have been improved.