Mrs. Steuernagel’s Years at OLSH


Julia M. '22

Mrs. Steuernagel has been at OLSH since 1993. She plays a big part in the OLSH community, and inspires a lot of students. I sat down with Mrs. Steuernagel as she reflected on her time here.

Q: How long have you been at OLSH?

A: I began at OLSH in September 1993.  I taught four General English classes and worked in the Development Office as the Assistant Director.


Q: Why did you choose to teach at OLSH?

A: At the time, I had been involved with OLSH for almost four years as an OLSH parent/volunteer.  My two youngest daughters were students here; one was beginning her senior year and the other was starting her sophomore year. I heard about the opening in Development and since I had a secondary English degree, OLSH was a perfect fit.

Q: What is something you look forward to every year at OLSH?

A: There is no one thing in particular.  I just really enjoy coming to work every day, interacting with the students, collaborating with my colleagues and working to further the mission of the Felician Sisters.


Q: Do you have a favorite topic to cover in your English classes?

A: English 9 has a new topic each quarter.  We cover rhetoric and writing, the epic (The Odyssey), drama (Romeo & Juliet), short stories and poetry.  I do not have a favorite but my least favorite is teaching poetry.


Q: If you could give one piece of advice to the OLSH students what would it be?

A: Be yourself. Learn from your mistakes. God will NEVER abandon you. 


Q: Why do you believe the Felician Core Values are so important?

A: They are the foundation upon which the Felician Sisters have built their lives; without the Sisters, OLSH would not exist.  Every student, faculty and staff member stand on the shoulders of the Sisters who have gone before us.


Q: What is one of your greatest experiences while at OLSH?

A: I have had many great experiences at OLSH but the two that stand out are my daughters’ graduation days.  It was an awesome feeling to be sitting with the people who helped shape them into the successful young women they are today.  One is a middle school teacher and the other is a guidance counselor.

Q: What is a memory you will never forget?

A: My best memories are the sports teams to which my daughters belonged…cross country, basketball, softball and volleyball. Those teams were some of the most competitive I have ever seen and they have the trophies to prove it.  I was the scorekeeper for the basketball team and enjoyed every minute with them.

Q: What is the greatest thing about being a part of the OLSH community?

A: The feeling of family; there is someone who always has your back, someone always willing to help.


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