Opinion: Why Twilight is the Best Movie Series

Twilight: the cult classic that so many love and so many hate. 

Believe it or not, the first Twilight movie has made about $100 million dollars domestically in about 5,000 theaters. Worldwide, the entire series made over $3.3 billion, according to Box Office Mojo.

The Twilight series starts with the first movie Twilight and ends with Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2. 

The first movie, Twilight, shows the character development of our coy, and quirky protagonist Bella Swan, as she moves from the hot and dry Phoenix Arizona to the wet and forested Forks, Washington. As she starts her new life in Forks, she is blown away by a handsome, muscular, pale hunk named Edward Cullen. They fall in love immediately. While playing baseball one day, another vampire, James, picks up Bella’s scent, and decides that he wants to kill her. The Cullen family must protect Bella from being eaten by James. The rest of the series mostly portrays Bella and Edward’s relationship and the love triangle between Edward, Bella and Jacob.

Edward Cullen is the very man who reinvented the way the modern world sees vampires. Rather than an old man who sleeps in a casket and drinks people’s blood, Twilight introduces beautiful, sparkly, undead high schoolers. Twilight is objectively the best movie series because of the generally attractive characters, the plot, and the acting of the actors.

The main characters, Bella and Edward, played by Kristin Stewart and Robert Pattinson respectively, are deemed as attractive by the general public. Robert Pattinson has become popular because of his talents and his beauty. Only Robert Pattinson could play Edward’s cold and distant disposition. Edward Cullen is a very distant, yet charming character in Twilight whose role is hard to play. It seems that Robert Pattinson tends to gravitate toward these roles. Pattinson played a spooky character in the black and white movie The Lighthouse a few years after Twilight came out. Pattinson has an upcoming role in Batman, which is predicted to be dark and spooky.

Bella Swan’s back story is a story that many people can relate to. Two divorced parents, and starting a new school far from home, is a story that allows the audience to truly understand Bella Swan. If neither Bella nor Edward are to your taste; Jacob, Carlisle, Alice or Rosalie are other characters who are popular among fans.

The two lovers Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are like a match made in heaven. Surely, everyone in the world enjoys a love story plot and the Twilight Series has none other than that. As every love story goes, there is always the other man; who in this instance is Jacob Black. Even though it’s Bella and Edward who are the main couple of the series, Bella has found herself in a love triangle with the laid-back and roguishly handsome Jacob Black. 

Throughout the series, the audience makes the assumption that Jacob likes Bella. The obvious tenseness when both Jacob and Edward are near each other allows the audience to be at the edge of their seat as multiple fights and arguments break out between the two boys. The tenseness between the two and the way Bella treats them has created the real-life conflicting argument of whether or not you’re on team Edward or team Jacob. 

Despite the disputes and challenges Bella and Edward end up together, and both grow both as individuals and a couple; allowing themselves to trust each other and have faith.

The acting within the movie is important in allowing movies to be the best. Robert Pattinson, Kristin Stewart, and Taylor Lautner have all been in popular movies within the decade. Robertson Patterson has been in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and The Lighthouse which are also popular movies. Kristin Steward was in Charlie’s Angels and will be in the upcoming movie Spencer. Taylor Lautner was in SharkBoy and Lava Girl. Their careers have helped make Twilight more renowned. 

A scene that seems to be popular amongst the Twilight fan base would be the one in Twilight Breaking Dawn where Jacob imprints on Bella’s daughter. Kristian Stewarts’ response–“You imprinted on my daughter!”–has caused this scene to become a popular meme, and is occasionally quoted amongst both fans and people who ridicule the series.

The good-looking characters, the love plot, and the actors, all make Twilight the best movie series. The characters help intrigue and attract the audience. The plot of the story with lovers Edward and Bella and ‘the other man’ Jacob creates arguments and disagreements which makes the movies more thrilling. Finally, the acting that the actors do allow this movie series to feel more life-like and not make it seem like it was scripted. 

Overall, the Twilight movie series is the best.