Connected to the OLSH Family, Both On Campus and Online

Adam P. '21

During the last few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken over the world.

The times we are facing has affected everyone in many different ways. Even though we are not together in the school building, the OLSH community has come up with many ways to stay connected. Despite not being together in the same place, the way OLSH is handling the pandemic shows that we remain a family even outside of school. Here are a few ways OLSH has remained together.

#1. Online instruction/ZOOM classes/Recharge Wednesdays

Since the closure, OLSH has had to take learning to online. Through this process, teachers have been updating their students’ daily on assignments that need to be completed and the specific time frame in which they need to be completed. Students have various opportunities to join virtual ZOOM classes as well, as a way to interact with their teachers and peers. OLSH also introduced the weekly “Recharge Wednesdays.” Recharge Wednesday is a day in which no assignments are posted, and is a chance for students to catch up on any work. It is also a chance for students to have private ZOOM calls with teachers, if needed.

#2. Teacher/student Instagram takeover, also known as #OLSHAtHome

Another way–and, personally, one of my favorite ways–that OLSH has come together during these times is through the OLSH Instagram page. Am interested teacher or student  gets permission to take over the OLSH Instagram page for a day, and share what their experiences are like during these times. This is also known as #OLSHAtHome. This is also a great way for current teachers and students to answer questions of some who are interested in OLSH/planning to attend and follow the account. Overall, I think this is a great way to not only express how your #OLSHAtHome experience is going, but to learn more about your fellow classmates or teachers.

#3. The OLSH Class of 2020 Instagram account

Since the news was received that we wouldn’t be going back to OLSH for the remainder of the year, all of our thoughts have been with the Class of 2020. Because of no school, we will be missing out on some amazing OLSH senior traditions, such as the senior walkthroughs, college T-shirt day, etc. Because we will be missing out on all of this, the OLSH senior class has created an Instagram page. On the account, they highlight each student and what their plans are after OLSH. I think that this account is awesome, because it is a great way to celebrate our seniors and everything that they have done for the school.


As a student going through these times, I have to say that I am truly blessed to be a part of the OLSH community. The Coronavirus pandemic has been an extremely tough experience, not only for me, but for every student. The OLSH students, faculty, and staff are doing an amazing job to keep all of us learning and motivated. As a student, I never have felt pressured with due dates or anything school-related. The faculty and staff are always so helpful with everyone adjusting to this new norm. I feel like this isn’t pulling OLSH apart, but bringing us closer as a school family.