2019-2020 OLSH Basketball

Ryan Gehring '21

After a successful season last year winning the WPIAL championship OLSH Boys Basketball is hungry for more. 

After coming off a tremendous sophomore and freshman season I got to catch up with Junior Dante Spadafora and Sophomore Jake Dimichele. I got to ask them a few questions to see about their mindset entering this season. 

When asking them both about their offseason training, I wanted to know what they wanted to see improve as this season progressed. Dante said it was critical for him to improve his three point shot, since the three has become so important in today’s game, now that players can shoot from farther out much more consistently than in the past. 

Jake really wanted to work on his agility. This is very important since Jake has shown a major growth spurt this summer and wants to help his team by grabbing those rebounds.

When asking Dante about who he believes has improved their game this off season, Dante was quick to point out Jake as well, speaking on how Jake has put in so much work on all aspects of his game. 

The hard work is paying off for both as they are lead the Chargers with an so far undefeated record (4-0).