The Gospel Tweets

Carolyn M. '20

Twitter is another one of those social media apps that the majority of people either have or know about; and, yes, even Pope Francis has a lively Twitter page. 

While most people go on Twitter to promote their movies/music, find funny memes, or state their opinions, the Pope writes quotes from the Bible and gives encouraging advice. Pope Francis, @Pontifex, is no stranger to getting the youth involved in celebrating the faith and educating lay people on how Catholics are supposed to act. 

The Pope Tweeted on October 20th:

“This is our mission: to show by our lives, and perhaps even by our words, that God loves everyone and never tires of anyone. #ExtraordinaryMissionaryMonth #MissionaryOctober” 

This is just one example of how Pope Francis helps Catholics and non-Catholics everywhere spread the word of God. He gives everyone reminders that as long as you are true to yourself and your faith, then you should be able to follow God’s message. 

Pope Francis has gotten many youths around the world talking more about their faith, and has given many of them something to think about. Pope Francis, through his 18.1 million followers, teaches the youth how to truly live the faith. He does all of this, not only through his public appearances, but through his Twitter page. Pope Francis writes daily on Twitter reminding his followers about the message of Jesus Christ. 

“We need others in order to live and share the love and trust that the Lord gives us.” The quote above, which was Tweeted on September 28, 2019, was given to a few OLSH seniors. Here are some of the responses received:

“Yeah, I can agree with this because like these things are not as rewarding or meaningful when there’s no one to share it with. It makes you feel better about yourself when you’re able to share these gifts.” ~ Anonymous 

“In today’s society we try and fit in with the crowd and sometimes we lose our faith because of that but when we get that one push from the one person everything changes. My faith didn’t used to be very strong until somebody showed me what kind of difference having God in our lives can make. As humans we depend on each other and I think that we need to start working together to help each other grow in our faith. I know that once one person shows what it’s like to have God in our lives then we will all follow them one by one. I know from personal experience that it’s not always easy and we will have our doubts and questions but once we start really focusing on having God in our lives that things get easier and life gets better.” ~ Larissa Krulac ‘20

“I can definitely see God in those around me, especially in those I know I can trust and count on.” ~ Grace Majoris ‘20

“I would say that this relates to my life because I use the love that God gives me as an example of how to love others. And by loving those as God has loved us, we can be a living example of Him.” ~ Kassidy Burke ‘20

“I feel that others bring out the best in us and one of God’s greatest commandments is love one another as we love Him. When we come together as a faith community we are more powerful than when we act alone. Sometimes I think when we try to take on everything by ourselves we can get lost or feel isolated, but when we allow others into our lives we truly find God’s call for us and share in His love.” ~ Francesca Taylor ‘20


To see more of what the Pope has to say, follow him on Twitter @Pontifex.