Senior Spotlight: Kassidy Burke

Clare M. '23

Kassidy Burke is a senior at OLSH. She has been figure skating since the age of six, and honed her skills through the “Learn to Skate” program at the RMU Neville Island Sports Center. In 2016, she achieved the gold medalist recognition for Move in The Field, and in the Easter Synchronized Skating Silver Medalists. In 2018, she won the national title at the High School National Figure Skating Competition. She was a Gold Medalist in Intermediate Freestyle. Below is an interview with Kassidy about her figure skating career. 

Q: Why did you start figure skating?

A: I began figure skating because of my father and his love for skating. He had been playing hockey and skating since he was three, and always said that one of his children would do the same. I was just the first of my three siblings to actually have fun and continue to pursue it. 

Q: Who would you say is your biggest supporter? 

A: My biggest supporters would have to be my parents, not only because they pay for all the expenses, but also because they dedicate their time and energy continuously towards my sport. My mother, especially, drives me to all of my competitions, which can be truly gruesome at times. I am forever grateful to them. 

Q: Who else has helped you along the way?

A: My teachers all through grade school and into high school have been very supportive of my figure skating, especially when it comes to missing days of school. They are all very understanding and accommodating to all of the inconveniences that arise from figure skating. 

Q: Have your friends been supportive? 

A: My friends have also been very supportive of my figure skating. Two of my best friends since kindergarten have been attending my figure skating Christmas shows since I was a child. It’s always nice to see them in the crowd cheering me on, being immensely supportive and encouraging. It can’t always be easy for them either, having to make plans around when I have skating lessons or competitions, so I am incredibly thankful for them. 

Q: What are some challenges you have faced along the way?

A: With figure skating comes many challenges and hardships, from making up multiple midterms to injuries on and off the ice. The hardest adversity I have faced yet would have to be seeing eye to eye with my coaches, something that has always proved to be an issue. Many coaches push to increase your presence at the rink, which is difficult to do when you have school and friends and other extracurriculars. 

Q: What’s your favorite part about figure skating?

A: My favorite part about skating would be the people that it has brought into my life. I will forever be grateful for my synchronized skating team. The girls on that team have become like sisters to me and the friendships I have made will never be taken for granted. 

Q: What would you say is your biggest accomplishment with figure skating? 

A: My biggest figure skating accomplishment would have to be my national title that I achieved in 2018. I competed at the Nation High School Figure Skating Competition in Flint, Michigan and placed first place in Intermediate Freestyle.  

Q: What advice would you give to someone that is looking to be a talented figure skater?

A: Hard work and perseverance is key, however, your enjoyment and love of the sport is absolutely necessary. Like I mentioned earlier, there are many hardships and adversities that arise whilst participating in this sport, but if you truly love skating, it will be easy to continue pursuing your skating career. 

Kassidy has had many accomplishments. She is extremely hard-working when it comes to figure skating, and it clearly pays off. In 2020, she hopes to pursue synchronized skating at the college level. Kassidy makes OLSH proud!