Sophia Blake: The New Princess of Pop

Caroline Friend, Writer

Meet Sophia Blake: The New Princess of Pop



Up-and-coming pop artist Sophia Blake (Class of ‘19) just released her album Endless, a go-to playlist filled with passion, strength, and a burst of energetic flavor. Listening to Blake’s repertoire, one will find she depicts the poetic thoughts of the teenage mind: facing a crush, staying up late, denying a jerk, and feeling the emotion of love. Her creative lyrics also feature fun guitar and piano riffs showcasing her talent as a singer, songwriter and musician. Sophia’s music can be found online and she has also released two music videos on her website, each showcasing one song from her two most recent albums.

In January 2019, Sophia was the opening act for a concert featuring Kiwona Sour, Big Blitz, and the CAPA high school band, Snowdonia. All four bands were amazing; everyone looked like they were having the time of their lives! Many OLSH students and alumni came to show their support as her enthusiastic (unofficial) fan club. One group even went so far as to make custom T-shirts!

The concert was a wildfire of sound as the sound of Sophia’s voice spread through the room.  She played four of her original songs and performed a cover of “Havana” by Camila Cabello. Sophia performed her song “Android”  to kick off the gig; she straight-up killed it! Sophia was so much fun to listen, sing and dance to as she belted notes into the mic and passionately pressed the piano keys. Orange and pink lights surrounded her and the entire building shook with the echo of Sophia’s amplified voice and the guitars. As she played with Snowdonia’s drummer, bass player, and lead singer/guitarist, every person in that theatre was jumping and bopping their head to the beat. The world will soon recognize this artist and her astounding talent!


“Sophia’s musical talent captured the hearts of all those present at her concert. Her original composition, delivery, and poise were truly stunning. She was so genuine, natural, and graceful on stage, that one could tell for certain that sharing her gift of music is what she was created to do. I couldn’t be more proud of my friend, Sophia.” ~Bethany Smith (Class of ‘19)


To learn more about Sophia Blake and her music check out:

  • Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music


Sophia Blake Trivia:

  • The cover of her album Endless was inspired by pouring orange soda. The soda poured into the champagne glass is a metaphor for growing from childhood into adulthood.
  • She started out her gigs at the Three Rivers Arts Festival her Freshman Year.
  • She has three albums as of January 2019: Freehand, Moon Rose,  and Endless
  • Blake collaborated with new artist Yangtze on her single Phoenix, which came out in 2018.