Crazy Rich Asians Movie Review

Tiffany Ponticel

I would say perhaps the most groundbreaking movie to recently hit the theaters is Crazy Rich Asians, produced by Nina Jacobson, Bradford Simpson, and John Penotti, and starring a mainly unknown Asian cast. There are a few famous Asian American actors as well, such as Ken Jeong and Constance Wu, the lead female actor. Crazy Rich Asians also has some actors who are new to American movies such as the lead male actor, Henry Golding who plays Mr. Young.

A young, rich, Chinese man named Nick Young goes to The Big Apple where he happens to fall in love with Rachel Chu. She then has to face the age old fear of meeting the parents! With no idea of what to expect, Chu goes to China and gets the shock of her life. Not only is Young wealthy, but he is the most eligible bachelor in China! The added pressure of Young’s intense class standing in China makes for an incredibly interesting story. With many wonderful reviews, Crazy Rich Asians was rated 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and I would have agree with that rating.

I saw Crazy Rich Asians on August 3rd and it was incredible! It gives you a new perspective on the Chinese class system and how everyone interacts with one another. There is also a look into how people can behave racistly toward other cultures, in this case toward Chinese people. This movie exposes audiences to both Asian-American and Chinese cultures. Although there is conflict, this film is hilarious with most of the comedy coming from the differing personalities of the characters.  Crazy Rich Asians has the wit and playfulness to win any audience. If you enjoy feisty, strong female leads, comedic actors, finding humor in difficult situations, and an amazing love story, then give Crazy Rich Asians a try.  The film came out on August 15, 2018 and is still in theaters, so get your tickets soon! This movie is rated PG-13 for some suggestive scenes and strong language.